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We know that searching isn't just about words. Sometimes, you see things that prompt a search. For these scenarios, try Search by Image, which allows you to search Google Images via a picture. Say that you see the still life painting below and want to know the artist and other facts. If you were to search with words like [vegetable still life painting], you'd be scrolling for a long time! But by using Search by Image, you'll find it in a jiffy. There are four options to Search by Image: click the camera and paste the image URL or upload an image, drag the image into the search box, or download a Chrome or Firefox extension. Google will give you a best guess for the image, which in this case, is [still life with a basket of vegetables van gogh]. When you click on the results, you'll learn more about this lesser known van Gogh still life, like that it was created in 1885 in Nuenen, Netherlands. Learn more about how to Search by Image here: http://goo.gl/IgK0Q

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