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QUOTE: In uBuntu, human beings are intertwined in a world of ethical relations and obligations of well being with all other people from the time they are born. The social bond is not imagined as one of atomistic and individuated livelihoods. Instead, we are all inscribed with an ethical obligation to support each other because the development of our personhood is inseparable from the ideal of our shared humanity. Thus, the way we ‘become human’ emerges in the nature of our relationships alongside other people.

QUOTE: African view of personhood denies that a person can be described solely in terms of the physical and psychological properties. It is with reference to the community that a person is deŽned. The importance of the community in self-deŽnition is summed up by Mbiti, ‘‘I am because we are, and since we are, therefore I am.’’. . . It is this rootedness of the self-in- community that gives rise to sayings such as umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu (Nguni)/Motho ke motho ka batho babang (Sotho). These roughly translate to, ‘‘It is through others that one attains selfhood.’’ The Venda saying, Muthu u bebelwa munwe (a person is born for the other), also captures the interdependence between self and community.

QUOTE: It’s ENLIGHTENING VISION for the new South Africa and its regional neighbours is a world in which all people: embrace peace, one another’s equality; embody the essence and spirit of Ubuntu in their work, family, and community lives; are encouraged and inspired to use their inherent abilities to the fullest, and find their passion for, participate and contribute fully in, and benefit fairly from South Africa’s growing prosperity.

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