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Folks, this one is BIG, please read and share. A LOT 🙂
Yeh, I  reposted this. 
Thank you +Janet Hoben WolfWatcher and +Olaf Janssen Stop Wolf Hunts

Monday Musing: Educated consumers = great wildlife advocates! Let's educate our family and friends…please share:

There are farms and ranches who regularly practice 'predator friendly' humane methods and wildlife stewardship. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves about these businesses and support them with our hard-earned money whenever possible.

Please visit and shop:
1 – Wildlife FriendlyEnterprise Network – http://bit.ly/151uXab
2 – Predator Friendly – http://bit.ly/14VOhsc
3 – Animal Welfare Approved – http://bit.ly/14PmkLI

Did you know? As of 2010, USFWS provides thousands of federal tax dollars via grants annually to states to help ranchers learn to use proactive nonlethal measures to reduce livestock loss and to compensate ranchers for losses caused by wolves. http://1.usa.gov/18FqtpK

We believe that the best long-term vision for those funds comes from teaching ranchers about nonlethal measures so that they can learn to peacefully coexist with wolves and wildlife. It saves wolves and it saves money because eventually, via consistent use of proactive deterrents, the need for loss compensation will decrease. That saves us all lots of money. 


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