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#stoptaijidolphinslaughter   #thinkbeforeyouspeak
Hello Folks.
Those of you who are aware of and follow the gruesome #taijidolphinslaughter  that happens every year probably are familiar with the whole range of emotions that run through all who love dolphins. What happens to the dolphins is evil. It is Hell. And it is carried out by a very small group of folks who are subsidized by a very large network of captive dolphin businesses.

So when we say “boycott Japan” ? We are not hurting the dolphin hunters. We are hurting the #taijidolphins .
We are hurting the Japanese Dolphin Activists that are working to end this slaughter. The Japanese Dolphin Activist  we know from the photos lately of him reacting to hearing the dolphin’s cries is named Satoshi Komiyama .

PLEASE support the activists in Japan, from Japan. This is not easy for them, but they know they are the ones who will end the #taijidolphinslaughter  . Support them by not being hateful or racist in your speech about Japan. http://thetaijilist.blogspot.com/

Thank you +Olaf Janssen +Paolo Pinkel

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