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My name is MAXIE. My Animal ID # is A1000746.
I am a spayed female black and brown rottweiler mix. The shelter thinks I am about 5 YEARS old.


I came in the shelter as a OWNER SUR on 05/23/2014 from NY 11385, owner surrender reason stated was LLORDPRIVA. 

05/31/2014 Exam Type CAGE EXAM – Medical Rating is 3 C – MAJOR CONDITIONS , Behavior Rating is EXPNOCHILD, Weight 74.4 LBS.

MPND Coughing r/o kennel cough as per Dr 0915 Doxy 100 mg 3.5 po sid x 10 days Today give 3 Baytril 136 mg then Baytril 136 mg po sid x 9 days & Baytril 68 mg 0.5 po sid x 9 days

DOG INFORMATION SHEET Where did this dog come from? My Home ORIGINAL SOURCE Pet Store – Name: Does this dog have a microchip? Yes Who will it trace to? OWMER Animal’s Name: MAXIE WHY ARE YOU BRINGING THIS DOG IN? Landlord RELATIONSHIP I’ve owned him a few years PEOPLE Lives with 2_ adults Lives with _2 children Does he get along with children? Yes Does he get along with strangers? Yes Has he ever bitten anyone? No Has he bitten anyone in the last 10 days? No Describe his behavior: FRIENDLY Can you describe his behavior around animals he doesn’t live with? SHE 'S FRIENDLY WITH OTHER DOG NOT FRIENDLY WITH CATS PERSONALITY Loves to play, is very active Likes to be petted, hugged ect. HABITS Eats canned food MIX WITH COOKED RICE Eats people food Eats 1x/day TRAINING Knows “sit” Knows “give paw” Walks well on leash Pulls on leash only when excited Crate trained Does this dog have any behavioral problems that you’re aware of? If yes, please provide as much detail as possible. NO Does this dog have any medical problems that you’re aware of? If yes, please provide as much detail as possible. NO Is there anything that could be done to help you keep your dog? NO What kind of home do you think would be best for this dog? HOME WITH ACCESS TO BACK YARD Is there anything else we should know? NOT FRIENDLY WITH CATS 

05/28/2014 WEB MEMO
A volunteer writes: Gorgeous Maxie was released into our care as her family was moving to a place not allowing dogs. Maxie lived with children, is said to be sociable and good with other dogs. She would not be a cat's best friend… She has been well cared for. Her coat is thick, healthy and displays vibrant colors. Her eyes are clear and lively. Her teeth are sparkling white…Maxie is waiting calmly at her door. She is leashed easily and walks nicely, eliminating as soon as we reach the yard. She spots some other dogs. She seems fine with them. Leash free in a pen, Maxie explores. She comes as i call her, sits for treats that she sucks avidly from my hand like a respectable Rottie…. She gets all excited at the sight of a tennis ball and leaps to catch it. It came as a surprise as she appears so placid.. After a while, Maxie settles by my side, leans on me and squeezes her body tighter against mine. We both love hugs and kisses. From a Rottie..it has no price….Well, of course, I love Maxie. She is beautiful, friendly, affectionate, feminine and playful and she should be quite a catch for a Rottie lover. Maxie is at the Manhattan Care Center. Will you be her forever best friend? 

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