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Fitness community disabled by Google
As some of you may know, I am one of the owners and moderators of the largest fitness community on Google+ (over 290.000 members). Yesterday the community was disabled with no clear explanation and it is currently visible to moderators only. We have no reason why it happened, since we haven’t received one either but this is a message to reassure you, if you are a member, the reason you can’t access it now is because it’s been disabled by Google.

We are doing everything we can to reach out, appeal and get it back up as soon as possible. It hasn’t been deleted, just disabled. As you well know, this is one of the heaviest moderated communities on Google+ with moderators taking shifts to clear the stream so why it has happened is at this point a mystery.

Those of you who know my story, why I love Google+ so much and why I will never consider going back to Facebook, will understand how heart-breaking this is for me. I always see Google+ being a fair and transparent place where everyone is welcome and things like that just don’t happen. 

If you are member, please bear with us while we try to get to the bottom of this – hopefully it’ll be just a few days. And please spread the word so other members are also aware of what’s happened – we have no other way of reaching out to them as we have been handicapped at this point. Thank you so much for reading and understanding.

You are not blocked, we have no access either.
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