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I just don't get this hatred of the new doctor I hear so much. I think he is doing an excellent job. Peter is a fabulous doctor. Thanks to +Karen Gillan FanPage​ for sharing this.

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Dear Fellow Whovians.

I was wondering if all of you could follow this twitter account I made for Peter Capaldi. I was looking on twitter yesterday and came across this picture of an interview. It basically said he was glad he could think one in a million people will think of him as their doctor. Even though the other million half hates him and that he doesn’t like going on social media because his feelings get hurt easily by the fans. I was so heartbroken when I read that and I came to realized it’s true. Peter Capaldi isn’t appreciated enough by fans. I see on Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus, Instagram (To this day) on how Fans are saying negative things about Peter Capaldi. They say he’s too old. Not sexy like David Tennant or Matt Smith. He’s too mean to play the Doctor. He’s ugly. I don’t think that’s right. I mean people should know that he is a real person too. What’s even sadder is that I was putting a 12th Doctor poster on Layaway for Christmas and a nice lady told me and I quote ‘It is nice to see a whovian who appreciates the 12th Doctor” Because she overheard me telling my mum on how much I love Peter. Then I met this guy at my school who told me he refuses to watch Doctor Who because Capaldi is too old. I kinda think that’s crap and rude. I see Whovians leaving the fandom because simply the doctor is too old. And it really makes me sad. So I decided to make a video for Peter (https://plus.google.com/111776035835338708761/posts/7N71GtYDkGN ) To tell him I love him, He is and always will b my Doctor and how he and Karen Gillan are my top 2 inspirations. It would mean so much to mean if you can share that video EVERYWHERE! So maybe Peter can see it one day! I also made it to try and stop the hate on Peter Capaldi. Thank you so much for reading all of this and Thank you to all the fans who like Peter Capaldi. And thank you to those who will follow the twitter account and share this vdeo. Thank you again!


~KGFP (Amelia)

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