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Capaldi rocks. Fuck the haters.

Doctor Who 24/7 originally shared:
Peter Capaldi has said that his Doctor will continue to evolve as the show goes on.

Asked if the Twelfth Doctor has stopped “evolving”, he said: “I think it would be wrong to say he’s ‘arrived’ now. And that’s certainly not how I feel. That would be lazy, and a bit foolish!

“I think you have to keep moving him on because in a way if he’s regenerated he’s still learning about himself, such as how he responds to the universe and the world, so I think he probably will be different again when he comes back for the next series.

He added: “It’s inevitable I suppose when you play Doctor Who, that your first season has to be a direct contrast with the previous Doctors. And that’s worked well with my age and curmudgeonliness against Matt’s youth.”

Elaborating further on the changes fans could expect to see: “I’m just finding out who this character is and also there are more mysteries about him, so it’s good to hint at those. There are other things in my Doctor that we’re still to display.”

Doctor Who will return on Christmas Day at 6:15pm on BBC One, with the festive special, ‘Last Christmas’.

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