UFOTV Life on Mars?

Top Secret UFO Nasa tapes

Camping at Baker Lake

This is footage of our camping trip at Baker Lake, in Washington.

Woodland Park Zoo

Mark and I went to Woodland Park Zoo, this is video from the trip.

A Road called Chuckanut Drive

We went for a ride on Chuckanut Drive also known as State Route 11 in Washington. This is Video we shot during the drive.

64 bit – Don

While the idea of running a 64 bit copy of vista sounds cool, I don

All Around Seattle

Mark, his mom and I spent the day driving around Washington, We started off in Anacortes, then we went to Bremerton, as well as various places in Seattle. this is footage from the trip.

In Memory Of Honey

My poor hamster passed away today. We went out today to run to the store and get a few things, and when I came back I checked on her and found here face side up inside her house. I

We Joined

We Joined a BF2 Clan called special operations brigade, they are really kewl guys. They were in need of a website so I made one for them. The server is fun server.

We couldn


Ozzfest is next month, and in case you hadn