Can’t Sleep

I have been awake since 9:00 A.M. & Right Now Its going on Midnight and I’m in pain so I can’t sleep I even took a perkoset & No good. However the upside to this is (and to keep myself from being miserable I have to think of something) is that Mark & I have been reading a book together. It’s “The Vampire Lestat” By Anne Rice I have never read any of her books before. In case you don’t know It’s the sequel to “Interview with a Vampire”, this far it has turned out to be a pretty good book and I’m already planning on buying the others in the series. So now that I’m not so dopey let me tell you what I remember from being in surgery. The First thing is that the anesthesiologist And Doctor come in the operating room and The anesthesiologist asks me where I’m from ( I get that alot, as it seems I seem to have an accent to these northwesterners) and I tell him Ohio and wouldn’t you know it so is he…lol. For some reason anesthesiologist feel the need to be sneaky and while I’m talking to he and the doctor laying on the tabel he slips the anesthesia into my iv and then I say well Iguess I’m gonna get sleepy now and the next thing I know I’m waking up crying in recovery. Not sure why but for some reason anesthesia always seems to make me cry? The Nurse says thats perfectly normal and that it happens to alot of people. So anyway thats all I can think of to say right now Sooooooooo I’ll catch up later. Angel

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