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Found some old Ubuntu & Kubuntu Disks

Computer Clipart
Computer Clipart

The other day I was doing some cleaning and came across some old Ubuntu & Kubuntu Disks. I can’t bring myself to throw them away since, they no longer do the disks and it reminds me of when I first discovered the world of Linux.

Ubunut & Kubuntu Disks

Ubuntu & Kubuntu Disks

Humble Bundle

Today I purchased the humble bundle and I’m very glad I did. The humble bundle is a collections of cross platform(meanin they support windows, mac, and linux) collection of games. You decided what you want to pay then you can even decide how what you paid gets diveyed out, such as how much to developers and how much to charity. They are pretty neat games as well. If you get a chance I suggest checking out the bundle.

Major T.V. Networks Say No To Linux!!!

It has recently come to my attention that Linux operating systems are being completely ignored by the major T.V. networks of ABC, NBC, and FOX. They are using a player for their online shows called Move Media Player. This player does not work on Linux, therefore completely alienating us as a user base.

This could be bad news for any new linux user, and add to the number preinstalled systems being returned, Lot’s of new users may not have the patience to try and install say firefox in wine, or look up other ways to get their programs, which seem to have played fine on their old windows system. If Linux is to grow it’s presence in the market this behaviour needs to be addressed.

There is currently a petition to ask them to use another player as well all Linux users should write The Networks asking them to choose another player. Here are the links below.

Things you had to learn all over again…

I spent years and I mean years using only Paint shop pro On windows, I had tried photoshop but never really got the hang of it or liked it. Also I think by the time I used it it was CS2 or CS3 and a major memory hog. Just painfully slow to load and run. So when I was switching to Ubuntu I was disappointed to find I couldn’t get PSP to run in wine, and so began my journey of Learning Gimp. Now I’m glad I learned to use it It’s a much more powerful editor in my opinion, and the more I use it the more I realize in some ways easier than psp.

I’ve also been using dreamweaver for years, but now I’m starting to experiment with Quanta Plus It just makes more sense to me to use native linux apps. Though I think the dreamweaver to Quanta transition is going to be a much tougher one than the PSP to Gimp one. One thing I really miss in Quanta is the wysiwyg ability. It really helps me being able to see the outcome as I go. So for now I’m still switching back and forth between Quanta Plus and Dreamweaver 8 in wine.

Other than that the transition to Ubuntu from windows has been quite painless for me. I’m generally a quick learner so switching to something new is normally not a problem for me. Though I can see where for others it might be difficult, as not everyone adopts quickly

The Ubuntu Network

Well a few weeks ago I was messing around on the web and discovered ning . Having seen soo many threads shut down or closed in the ubuntu forums cafe because they strayed to far from the forums main agenda, I decided to give a try at creating a social networking site for Ubuntu Users. The first day a few members signed up. One person named Gary and I began chit chatting, and we really hit it off about where our interests lie in ubuntu. So together we decided we would undertake this project. That was the beginning of the Ubuntu Network . Now a few weeks later we have grown to 30 members and are still growing. It’s quite amazing the feeling the whole community has. Just a bunch of people who share a common interest who want to hang out. The website allows us to blog, discuss topics of interest in the forum, share videos, photo’s and create even smaller groups who want to discuss particular items. If anyone out there is intersted in being social with some fellow Ubuntu users feel free to come on over and join us!

Looking for a good Linux Game

I’ve been looking into Linux Games lately I did demo Knights and Merchants from But it just didn’t have zing you hope to see in a video game. The graphics weren’t that great and the game seemed a bit difficult to learn. It would be great to find some good Linux games, but as of yet I’m at a loss. Though I’m still enjoying my Guild Wars

Playing With Gimp

So today I figured out a bit about Gimp, I knew it would be a bit painful for me to transition when it came to photo editing as I always used Paint Shop Pro on windows, and I never liked photo shop. PSP just worked for me, and no matter what I couldn’t get it to work with wine. But I must admit though it’s a bit different I suppose it’s just a learning curve, “No Worries” I keep telling myself though. “You had to learn PSP also!”. But if you wanna see my first gimp creation (small though it is) click here


Mozilla Labs is currently working on a project called Prism. Prism lets you access your frequently used websites with one click right from your desktop. I currently have it installed and with the click of a mouse button can acess My google docs as well as google calender. It’s quite a handy program. If your interested you can check it out here

Mozilla Bug

I spent most of the night trying to fix a bug with Mozilla Firefox. My Copy and past suddenly stopped working, damn computers. Sooo after reading a bit I found that spyware might cause the issue. But I looked and looked and discovered I didn