The Voice

Today I heard a whisper, it spoke of anger and mistrust, today I heard a whisper by a voice that sounded of hate and lust. The wind’s will blow and hold tale’s of time’s gone by, of memories of yesterday of countless fears. Walking in the shadows, through the void of time, wandering a painful walk painted by color’s dark.

Can you hear the whisper the voice it calls to you it calls the mighty, and giant’s they will fall too. Through mountains and valleys and hills of snow and rain, over the tree top’s the power it might gain. Holding on so tightly, it could take a might blow, and where it may be ending only ever you will know.

Today I heard a whisper and it angered me to say, that it would never end it would continue on its way. Today I heard a whisper, and looked on in a daze, for in the whisper I could here the Angels as they cried. Running I took flight, the voice I could not hear, for if I listened long enough I might drown in the fear.

Many will never know what shape it took to me for even if you lingered you could never see. A lonely wandering child I might always be for this voice will forever haunt me.

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