School Daze

Kenzie is doing much better at math, we had a 25 problem worksheet which had 3 digit Multiplication problems on it. When he first began doing the worksheet he was missing 2 out of 3 on the first try now he’s reversed that, he’s been getting 2 out of three correctly on the first and normally just by double checking the one he misses he can figure out what he did wrong. He’s been working quite hard to get better at the math and we’re both very proud of him.

School starts on Tuesday, and we went to the open house last Wednesday, his teachers all seemed very nice, and he’s looking forward to starting. I posted some of the school papers in his section. He seems to be interested in wrestling which starts in the second quarter of the school year.

My First lessons have been posted on the G.E.D. Site and I’ll be concentrating on getting that done. Maybe between the two of us we can actually get somewhere .

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