Kenzie’s First Term at school

Kenzie is doing quite well at school I would have to say he has adjusted very nicely to being in a new home and a new school. His first term grades are all A’s and B’s with the exception of One C. He’s also become involved in a few extra curricular activies. He’s gotten involved in what they call Hawk T.V. this is a t.v. program produced by students for the school He really seems to like it alot. His other activity is wrestling. He hasn’t had a meet yet the first one will be on the 28th of November. He really enjoy’s it. We plan on video taping the meet and I’ll post it as soon as possible.

He also went to his first school dance on the 2nd of November. Which like most middle school dances was mostly groups of girls and guys going togather and hanging out not really any dating going yet…lol. That’s not to say he doesn’t look at the girls because he’s definatly been looking. He had fun though he and his friends hung out for most of the night.

Conferences are next week and I’m not quite sure how they work it as I haven’t heard anything about being scheduled a meeting so I’m going to call there tomorrow and see what they tell me. But other than that everything is great. Mark and I are so proud of him, he’s really doing well for himself.

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