Well for the first time in my life I decided to take control of working our budget here at home instead of letting Mark do it all I approached it somewhat vigorously, because I knew by doing this I would help get alot of the stress of his shoulders, and to that extent it has worked out. So Here’s what I did.

First I created a google calendar and decided to plan out how much we needed to take out of each check every week to put towards bills. I planned it all out pretty well actually and looking over the finished product I was quite proud of myself.

Secondly I went and bought a binder and some folders. A Folder for each bill the bills being Rent, Cable (which actually is three bills rolled into one ie.. cable, phone, and internet) a folder for gas and electric, and another for our credit card bill.

Inside each one I put post-it notes on how much was needed for what dates. Needless to say this actually worked out quite well as it only took as a month to get financially back on track. So from now On I think I’ll be using this tatic with the bills I recommend it to anyone who feels like they are always living from paycheck to paycheck as now we actully have a few extra dollars come pay day it’s quite a nice change…

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