Vista Issue – No Network – Server Execution Failed

I suffered this error today after installing the latest Version AIM messenger that would be version 6. I discovered I was given no access to my network and sharing folder yet still sporadically had internet access. So Here’s how I managed to fix it.

  1. I uninstalled AIM
  2. I uninstalled the viewpoint media player which came with AIM
  3. I ran a registry cleaner
  4. I did the following
    1. Opened my start menu -> all programs -> Maintenance
    2. Right clicked on the command prompt and clicked Run as administrator
    3. once the command prompt opened I entered the following Hitting enter after each entry
      1. Net localgroup Administrators localservice /add
      2. Net localgroup Administrators INTERACTIVE /add
      3. Net localgroup Administrators IUSR /add
      4. Net localgroup Administrators NETWORK /add
      5. Net localgroup Administrators NETWORK SERVICE /add
      6. Net localgroup Administrators SERVICE /add
      7. Net localgroup Administrators SYSTEM /add
    4. I then rebooted my computer

Everything appears to have returned to normal now I suppose for now I’ll just use trillian for AIM and avoid the whole mess all together.

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