Checking Out Ubuntu

So I’v been hearing a lot about the Ubuntu O/S lately and wanting to check it out. However since I don’t have an extra computer laying around and I have never dualbooted Operating systems before, so I looked for a way that could check it out but not loose my current system. In my search I came across a nifty free piece of software called Virtualbox. Virtualbox allows you to virtually run Operating systems on your current computer configuration. So Following this article I found on Free Software Magazines website I walked through the process of setting up Ubuntu virtually on my windows vista install. So far so good. As I haven’t really had a chance to fully “play” with it yet I’m not going to leave you with my thoughts on it yet, however I thought virtualbox was very neat and really wanted to share it with others so I figured I would go ahead post about it. If your into computers you may want to check it out.

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