Ubuntu Impressions

Well after installing ubuntu 7.10 on virtualbox I must say I was a neat expierience but I’m glad I had the opportunity to try it without actually having installed it on my computer. I mean it’s a good system and and has a nice interface, but underneath it all it’s still Linux. What I mean by that is you still need to learn so much to become comfortable on it. I felt very restricted on it because there were many common tasks which I’m used to on windows that I couldn’t do on ubuntu. While the concept is nice and if your a technically inclined person it shouldn’t be a major deal for you to accept and learn these things, however I can’t see someone who only wants to be able to play games and use the internet wanting to take the time to learn all they need to know to install the various applications on it required. In the end I think I’m definitely a windows person. I grew up on it and it’s what I know. I may use linux based webhosting but I believe that’s as far as I’ll ever go into learning the O/S.

edit: 9-32-09 boy have things, changed. I sure love my ubuntu these days…lol.

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