More Doctors….

So The eye doctor said my eye’s are fine he gave me some eye drops and said if my vision starts to blur to use them he thinks it might just be dry eye’s. The endocrinolgist thinks differntly though. He had me do an E.K.G. and it turns out my atrial fibrillation is coming back (thanks to my thyroid) so he prescribed some heart medicine, and wants me to see a cardiologist just to make sure that there isn’t any long term damage to my heart. He’s said we need to just dissolve my thyroid and get rid of it. Which is is the same thing they did with my mom, so chances are that’s what we’ll do. I do have good news though turns out my muscle weakness and weight-gain we’re all caused by my thyroid meds causing my thyroid hormone’s to be to low, so now that we’re getting that straightened out I should back on the road to recovery soon, that means soon I should be walking better and feeling better and able to be more active once again! This morning the endocrinologist office called and told me I need to take my thyroid meds again only this time I’ll only be taking one pill a day instead of two. I’m about ready to say hey let’s just get rid of the damn thing and get it over with I’m so sick of doctors appointements and being poked and prodded all the time.

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