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I have been Dual Booting Ubuntu for about two months now, prior to that for about 6 months I was using it along with red hat and OpenSuse on virtualbox. To be honest I really love Ubuntu and would love to rid myself of Microsoft Windows all together but for now I just can’t. I honestly believe that if one thing changed Microsoft would really have something to worry about. What is that one thing you ask? Well I think that more big name gaming developers need to release Linux versions of their games. Yes I’m aware that some games can be installed through Wine, Cedega, and Crossover Games. But this still can be somewhat of a hassle for those people who just want to “use” their computers. I personally would love to see developers give more love to linux systems I think that it’s well deserved.

Other than that I really don’t see linux being that far from wide-spread use. I love that I can make my computer be my computer and linux systems allow for that. The fact is that whether your an adanced user who prefers cutting edge or someone who just wants to use their computer for simple tasks you can find a distro that suits you and your needs. Your not stuck with “what’s in the box” so to speak. If you get a chance and are not nervous definatly check out a few distro’s you never know you might like what you find.

Listed below are some helpful beginner links:

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