Dual booting With Windows

So I spent the Past 2 days, formatting both my and My Husbands computers so I could make partitions and then install Ubuntu along-side our vista installations. It was actually quite simple, though a big pain the rear when it came to having to uninstall the unnecessary OEM programs and such on vista and then installing the stuff we need. But actually creating the partitions and then installing Ubuntu was a simple breeze thanks to this tutorial. So It took me about 2-3 hours on each computer to get vista back in prime condition. This includes installing all drivers, and windows updates. What a Pain I tell ya! But the good news is that both computers are now fully dual-booting Ubuntu on partitions and running like a dream. I’ll probably hardly ever use windows for anything except my T.V. Tuner (because it’s not supported by Linux) and gaming. Which means I probably won’t boot into vista very often.

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