10 Reasons Why I love Ubuntu

I thought I would list a few of
the reason’s why I love Ubuntu. These may not work for everyone and
some may totally disagree but they are my reasons none-the-less.

  1. I have become a more productive person when using my computer. Some of
    the applications that are freely available to Ubuntu users have allowed
    me to make my own personal life much more organized. I’ll Name a few

    • KMyMoney Helps me keep my checking and finances in order.

    • Gourmet has seriously helped me in the kitchen by organizing my recipes and making them easy to search through.
    • Evolution besides being a great email program also allows me to be reminded of important events at the click of a mouse. I can easily set up remindersdue to it’s great desktop integration. In my opinion it runs just as well if not better than MS Outlook plus it’s free.
    • GIMP is just simply wonderful and works very well as well as being free and already installed when I install the operating system, so I don’t have to hunt it down, every time I do a re-install, or fresh install forsomebody else.
    • Open Office is great and in my opinion works just as well if not better than MS
      Office, It also comes preinstalled in Ubuntu.

    • Tomboy is wonderful, and at this point I have no idea how I survived without
      it. I no longer have a folder with ton’s of sub folders holding all my text documents, and I never would have discovered such a great Note taking application had I not decided to give Ubuntu a try.

    • Cool free eye candy, while I don’t really use compiz-fusion to it’s fullest the fact that it’s freely available, unlike in windows where I have to pay a 3rd party company to make desk look pretty, makes it just wonderful.

    • Wine allows me to install the few games I do play and I can run them just fine without any problems, though I do prefer to use Wine Doors as it makes it simple for me to install the few applications I do use wine for.

    • Play On Linux has worked flawlessly every time I needed to install Guild Wars.

    • Everything I have installed on my computer is free and freely available, No more searching nefarious websites for cracks and/or keygens this alone makes it priceless to me. These are just a few of the programs I use frequently and while I’m aware that some of these programs also run on windows, why bother going through the process off installing windows then spending 2 days to get it all installed on my system and customized? With Ubuntu I don’t have to do that, if it’s not Installed by default, then all I need do is search the repository for it or look on GetDeb.net

  2. Being able to install My Copy of Ubuntu on any computer in the house without fear of repercussion from

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