Installing Ubuntu from scratch

I spent the whole of tonight setting up my husbands computer for him, and no it wasn’t a windows install.

He surprised me yesterday by asking me to get rid of his windows partition, and when I asked why (mostly I was just curious)He said, well I don’t ever use it and I would like the space. Fair enough, so I told him to back up his stuff to the external then I would get it done for him.

First Some stats:

  • Gateway GT5238E
  • Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 1.86Ghz
  • 4 GB DDR2 Memory
  • Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT 1GB DDR2
  • 250 Gb SATA II HD
  • Intel Integrated High Definition (HD) Audio

So I Slipped in the Ubuntu 8.10 Disk, and rebooted the computer, I proceeded to install Ubuntu by wiping the entire drive, a process of which tool all of about 15 minutes from start to finsh. So there I was Facing a fresh install of Intrepid Ibex. The First thing I did was run the updates all 263(I think) of them. Once this was complete I rebooted. Facing a fresh install and with nothing to lose I decided to try downloading the newest Nvidia drivers directly from their website, instead of using the ones the system recommended or using EnvyNg. this process was quite smooth to be honest with you I simply followed the instructions found HERE and it all went off without a hitch. I reboot and the computer was running at the proper resolution. After that I proceeded with my normal checklist of Must installs

  • Setting up permanent Network Mounts
  • configuring the networked printer
  • Installing restricted extras and Medibuntu goodies
  • configuring timidity

All easy as pie to setup

Next on my agenda was to copy all of his files back off the external and onto his computer, then it was on to restoring firefox settings. This process is made soooo easy by using 3 MUST HAVE extensions for firefox. FEBE, Foxmarks, and Sxipper. Within less then 10 minutes I had his firefox back to exactly the way he liked it, bookmarks, passwords, toolbars, and all.

For my next task I took to installing Guild Wars, (The Hubby and I love Guild Now on my own system PlayOnlinux works great for Guild wars, but for some reason I tend to get lag on his computer with it. So I opted for using Crossover games on his system(I already had a licensed copy), and it works beautifully. He can easily switch between full screen and windowed mode using the ALT Shortcut on the keyboard. The Version of crossover games I’m using for his install is 7.2.0 and it works quite well. (At this point I’m having a blast I just love this stuff, yes I know I’m such a nerd….lol)

After that I proceeded to install all the odds in end software:

After that I installed and configured Ubuntu-system-panel we have both fallen in love with the menu applet it’s just wonderful.

I finished up by making sure to reinstall all the backed up themes, icons, and cursors then setting up a theme and look I’m sure he’ll be pleased with. His computer is running amazingly well, and looks beautiful with the latest Nvidia drivers. All in all it’s been a pretty fun and productive night for me and I’ve really enjoyed the undertaking, Now when is the last time you heard anyone say that after installing windows….lol.

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