Things you had to learn all over again…

I spent years and I mean years using only Paint shop pro On windows, I had tried photoshop but never really got the hang of it or liked it. Also I think by the time I used it it was CS2 or CS3 and a major memory hog. Just painfully slow to load and run. So when I was switching to Ubuntu I was disappointed to find I couldn’t get PSP to run in wine, and so began my journey of Learning Gimp. Now I’m glad I learned to use it It’s a much more powerful editor in my opinion, and the more I use it the more I realize in some ways easier than psp.

I’ve also been using dreamweaver for years, but now I’m starting to experiment with Quanta Plus It just makes more sense to me to use native linux apps. Though I think the dreamweaver to Quanta transition is going to be a much tougher one than the PSP to Gimp one. One thing I really miss in Quanta is the wysiwyg ability. It really helps me being able to see the outcome as I go. So for now I’m still switching back and forth between Quanta Plus and Dreamweaver 8 in wine.

Other than that the transition to Ubuntu from windows has been quite painless for me. I’m generally a quick learner so switching to something new is normally not a problem for me. Though I can see where for others it might be difficult, as not everyone adopts quickly

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