Installed Karmic

So I installed Kubuntu 9.10 RC and it is definitely beautiful. The font’s look quite nice, and everything just feels smooth. I didn’t have any of the sound issues which occurred with jaunty so all my sound was working out of the box! As far as differences go, here are a few improvments:

  1. In 9.04 firefox and other GTK applications, just looked like GTK applications, however in 9.10 even firefox looks beautiful, I’m assuming that means that gtk-qtcurve has been updated in some manner.
  2. Speaking of firefox, Kubuntu Karmic now sports a new Firefox installer and it did make things a whole lot easier.
  3. Kopete now supports facebook which in my opinion is a plus
  4. Karmic feels faster and I suppose that’s because I’m now using the ext4 file system which is the default setting.

Overall I would have to say that Kubuntu Karmic just feels nicer, It’s not clunky or resource consuming and my overall feeling of it is one of comfort.

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