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I’ve been using Google+ for a while now and I really do like it better than facebook. I love the way the games aren’t all up in my face and stay in their own corner of google+ This means if I’m in the mood to play a game I know where to else I don’t have to be bothered with knowing what that gamer-holic in my circles scored on their most recent game. Google+ recently has added the use of hashtags which I really have grown quite fond of using. Circles are very nicely done and easy to work with it’s super simple to decide who get’s to see what content I’m posting. Yes facebook recently added this feature, but I think it was only in response the release of Google+. I have been utilizing google picasa for quite a while now and I like that I can keep my photo’s in one spot and not have to worry about uploading them to multiple locations, because I also use picasa web for my blog. I do wish my youtube account was better integrated with google+. I shouldn’t have to use picasa web for my videos when I already have youtube holding my videos, even though I super fast internet it still takes a while to upload videos and not having to upload them in multiple places would be a huge+.

I still use my facebook page but mostly because I have people on there who are ingrained facebook that I keep up with but I have been really using google+ a lot and have been using it for sometimes.

Before I go I sould mention a couple of extensions I use to help make google+ even better.

G++ adds your FaceBook & Twitter feed in your G+ Stream. It also allows you to Post statuses to Facebook & Twitter directly from G+. You Like, Comment, Post to Facebook and Tweet & Retweet in G+! Download it HERE.

Also I have a couple of greasemonkey scripts which I run to make Google+’s interface even nicer looking. In firefox you’ll need download greasemonkey to run it, but you can just install it in chrome.

  • Google+ Tweaks
  • Tweaks to Google+ (Google “Plus”) – Toggle comments, image previews, mute button, favicon alerts, full width, fixed navigation, thumbnails only, etc.
  • google plus reply+
  • adds reply and reply-to-author buttons to Google+ comments
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