On June 30, 2013 at 10:21AM Mark Said…

Guild Wars 2 ….YEAAA…….Ohhhhh maybe not.

For those that may be wondering why I have not been playing GW2 lately, I will explain.

When they first announced they would not be doing a new expansion for GW but instead apply their efforts into a new game GW2 I couldn’t wait. Years went by with little to no word about it from Anet. Finally they announced a release date. This was amazing news.
I got in on the beta and started playing. The graphics were fantastic. The movement was very fluid. The world Anet had designed was gorgeous as usual. The ability to dodge/roll was a blast and oh yes dare I forget we could finally jump…woo hoo lol. But as I played (even from day one) I knew there was something wrong. Can you guess what it was?

Before I tell you I feel I should explain something up front. I came into this game with the highest hopes and the greatest respect for Anet and their work, I played this game day in and day out for months and months and months in the hopes that I could work through this. Thinking maybe it would grow on me and it was just because it was new , that I was having an issue with it. I still love the rest of the game but unless they make a change to this area, I do not see myself playing it very much at all. Ok well here we go.

The skill system in this game is absolutely horrendous. There is no flexibility in it at all. It is designed to be nothing more than a “set your monkey in front of your keyboard and spam” play style. I feel like they took GW and dumbed it down so even your pets can play. Oh and before I start hearing the “there was only a few great builds in the system in GW. The rest was just crap” bullshit, I have this to say. For people with the inability or drive to actually want to learn their class to the best of their ability, only want to ever use what they can find on PvX etc. or are just too fucking lazy to actually make an attempt to see if this is true (which it absolutely is not) before just spouting off…….save your bullshit for someone that doesn’t know any better.

GW actually required talent to play and survive and succeed. Sure you had your fuckin’ “so dipshit proof a moron could do it” farm builds but when it came to actual questing/playing the game, each area had to be approached differently. You had to stop, think about what you were going to be fighting, plan your skills and your strategy on how best to use them in the coming fight. You couldn’t just run through the game with the same build, spamming the same skills from beginning to end and if you did ( and I am sure some fucktard will claim they did) then you probably only were able to because of people you were playing with who were actually using a wide base of their skills, doing the adapting for your lazy ass and making up for the dead weight that was you. I really feel that skill/combat wise GW2 as taken a serious leap backwards. They have stupified game play to a level as to appeal to the lowest common denominator and until I See this change I don’t see myself returning to it with any excitement or thrill that I had every time I logged into GW. Then again if this isn’t improved upon I may not see myself returning at all. I waited years and years for this game. I tried so hard to love this game like I did GW. I just can’t fool myself any longer.

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