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Original Post from Leslie P:

Google just rolled out a new feature, letting all of your firends see the stuff that you +1. I think that's obnoxious. If I want you guys to know about something, I will share it. You don't need your streams polluted with little posts that tell you that I just liked Timmy's update about Hodor.

Go to this link, change the visibility from "extended circles" to "only you" and your friends will thank you. Actually, they won't, they just won't start hating you.

https://plus.google.com/apps/google (won't work until you get the update)

If you don't HAVE the Google section yet, and all you see is apps and log, then it hasn't gotten to you yet, just give it time

Thank you +Google+  for making it easy to disable the obnoxious features.

Oh, and if you have no idea what the heck I'm talking about, reference this post by +Danny Sullivan 


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