College clip art
College clip art

Well ever since school started I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to keep up. You see I’m almost done with my associates degree in Medical Administration, and having already completed my computers applications certificate, I thought I should add a coding specialist certificate as well. However, I think I bit off more than I could chew. In total I was registered for 13 credit hours and I was having so much trouble keeping up. It was showing in my work.

I was thinking about dropping the certificate classes. However, in order to even receive a partial refund I needed to drop them before September 6th, obviously we’re beyond that date. But Mark made some valid points, he told me there was no since in beating myself up and suffering in GPA. So in the end I dropped both the certificate classes, and honestly I’m glad to not have as much stress. But I still feel guilty over paying for courses that I now I won’t be taking. That’s something I guess I’m going to have to work on.


As someone who has been home-bound for over 10 years, Here are some things you can do to help you overcome your feelings of isolation.

Due to my disability I rarely get out of the house. It’s not unusual for me to go two or three months without going out. In the beginning it was truly difficult to be so isolated all the time and I did in fact suffer with depression. But it’s been 13 years now and, in that time, I’ve become creative at figuring out ways to deal with it. Given everything that is going on now I thought I would share some of my tips with anyone who might be interested.

Getting social

Luckily, we’re in a digital age so there are many options for getting social these days that don’t actually require leaving the house. Aside from the usual Facebook, twitter, & reddit. There is also Gaming. Over the years I have made many friends through gaming, especially MMORPG’s, since most Guilds, clans etc. utilize some sort of voice chat system. In my early years It was TeamSpeak and Ventrilo, these days most people just use Discord. It’s easy to hop on to an MMO and meet people. Over the years I’ve played World of Warcraft, Guild Wars & Guild Wars 2, Lord of the Rings Online, Rift, Neverwinter Online and quite a few others. I have made some very good friends through these games, people who are there for me, who I can talk to when I’m down and who are always up for a good laugh. So if you’re looking for a way to get social and hang out with folks, get some of your other isolated friends together on a Discord channel and try out a few games, or just hop into a game and meet people on your own. Aside from the ability to be social with people it also gives you something to do when/if you’re bored. You can also check out the MMORPG subreddit and see what games people over there are chatting about.

Expand your mind



Reading is a great pastime you can escape to many different locations through the pages of a book (or the screen on your reading device). You can also pick up new skills or information. For some free eBooks check out the Free eBooks Subreddit.

Audio books

These are also a pretty nice way to help keep your mind of things and you can get some decent recommendations over at the Audiobooks Subreddit. Podcasts are also a nice way to distract yourself.


I love a good documentary, there are so many good ones. I prefer Animal and Historical documentaries, but I’ve also watched a lot of other good ones. The Documentaries subreddit is always linking to good ones and there’s plenty of discussion to be had about them.

Learn a new skill:

With websites like Udemy and Coursera it’s pretty easy to take a class from the comfort of your own home and learn something new. Over the years thanks to these various services I’ve learned to build websites and picked up some coding skills. Also, the Cincinnati Library offers many E-library services to members so if you have a card you might want to check them out. Over the years thanks to all these various services I’ve learned to build websites and picked up some coding skills.



Pick up a new hobby or resume an old one:

Personally, I really enjoy crocheting and doing so while listening to a good podcast or audio book is a really nice way to pass the time.


Yes, you read that correctly, coloring, if you have access to some crayons or colored pencils, can be quite calming and fun.


YouTube is full of guided meditation videos as well Mediation mood music and I find that it really helps sooth anxieties and worries.


This is a great low-key way to keep yourself in shape without having access to a gym for myself I normally do some chair yoga as I can’t stand for long periods of time. There are plenty of yoga videos on YouTube for every level from beginner to expert.


Try a new recipe out, the internet is chock full of recipes find one and give it a try, you never know you might surprise yourself. Personally, I hang out in the Cooking subreddit for tips and recipes.


Random other activities I’ve recently discovered

The Cincinnati zoo is doing home safaris since they are currently closed. You can watch them on either their Facebook page or YouTube channel. So far, I’ve watched both the Hippo and Porcupine ones. They aren’t very long, but they’re pretty neat.


These are just some of the ways I’ve prevented myself from going stir crazy over the years. I hope this list will help some of you to get through this stressful time.


Had a great time with my youngest daughter yesterday!

Angel & Brianna


Love my #grandson

Rowan in His Birthday Hat

Rowan in His Birthday Hat


Merry Christmas from Sinta #everydayiscaturday

Sinta For Christmas


Merry Christmas!

A photo of our Christmas Tree & Fireplace


Pre Job Interview


The Cold vs Our 3rd Floor Apartment….

So it’s like 25° outside and we have our windows open, because living in a 3rd floor apartment is hot as hell when you have radiator heating….lol.


Quickbooks Class….

College clip art
College clip art

Second week into my quickbooks class, and I really feel like I’m just reading a user manual….with a really big price tag….


When being a rebel is a bad thing….

Stethoscope and Medicine bottle clip art
Stethoscope and Medicine bottle clip art

All my life I’ve been a bit of a rebel…sometimes it was a good thing. It has allowed me to find my own path in life and get me to a place where I feel comfortable with myself and my life choices. I did it my way and I’m perfectly okay with that. Other times it’s been a bad thing like when I stayed in relationships that I knew I should have dropped a long time before I actually did it. Those choices ended up costing me and those I care about alot of pain and hurt.

At this point in my life I think I’ve been rebellious so long that I almost do it subconsciously.  When I first discovered the Keto diet I it was through the keto subreddit. I saw all these posts of people who were having all kinds of success. It was a lifestyle that was the antithesis to what I had alway been told was the correct and healthy way to eat. But it seemed like all these people were having great success and enjoying what they were eating. Also it didn’t require me to feel like I was starving myself which was a bonus.

I spent the next few weeks reading various studies, books, and watching videos. It was enough to convince me that I needed to try this. My husband was raised by a very health conscious mother and when I began telling him about it he was very skeptical, as this whole entire lifestyle went against everything she had taught him and, what was and still is the accepted way of eating from most doctors, dieticians and nutritionists.  However, he agreed to give it a go with me and that started our 8 month Journey.

We both lost about 40 pounds during that 8 months and couldn’t believe how well it worked. Then his parents moved in, at that point they were both Sugar junkies. I’m not blaming them but it certainly is hard to avoid sugar when it’s always around. We ended up gaining a good portion of our weight back. It was awful. Eventually they moved out but we didn’t jump back to doing the right thing.

Then in June of 2018 I was diagnosed as having Type II Diabetes. I was prescribed both Metformin and Insulin. But I really didn’t want to start taking medication. With everything that I had learned while doing Keto previously I knew I can beat this if I just changed my lifestyle. I also read the Diabetes Code by Dr. Jason Fung who advocated not only for a low carb lifestyle but intermittent fasting as well. So I immediately decided to go back to keto and I did not start taking medication. My Doctor wanted to see me again in 3 months, well I never started on the medication and began low carb immediately with only some fasting. At the visit where I was diagnosed my A1c was 10.5% and when I went back in 3 months it had dropped to 6.9%. My Doctor was shocked, she said she never saw numbers like that. Well what did I do, I became careless yet again. Because yes it makes total sense to celebrate lowering your blood sugar by having junk food and raising it again….

I know what I need to do, I know I can heal my Diabetes, but I’ve had the hardest time making myself commit. I think what I’ve realized is that subconsciously I was fighting against it because It’s something I know I have to do and yet my nature is to rebel against it. Well apparently I now need to rebel against my own rebelliousness, because honestly at this point my life depends on it. Diabetes can kill if you don’t do something about it, and I really need to do something about.