Here’s A movie a lot of people should watch

So we just finished watching this movie (it’s not in English  you will be reading subtitles)

Er ist wieder da (2015) - IMDb

Er ist wieder da (2015) – IMDb by David Wnendt. With Oliver Masucci, Thomas M. Köppl, Marc-Marvin Israel, David Gebigke. Adolf Hitler wakes up in the 21st century. He quickly gains media attention, but while Germany finds him hilarious and charming, Hitler makes some serious observations about society.

While it’s billed as a comedy behind the comedy lies some very deep philosophy about how easily fascism can be sold to the masses. Personally I found it very easy to draw a lot of parallels between this movie and what we recently saw happen here in the U.S. with the election of Donald Trump. It definitely gives you much to think about. I highly recommend this movie.

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