What they really mean when they say they want to “De-fund Planned Parenthood”

So if you have a medical card and you visit planned parenthood. You present your medical card to them. Then any services you receive are looked at and if eligible, planned parenthood then sends a bill to the medical card provider. Just like any other insurance provider. Planned parenthood isn’t given a blank check, they can’t just spend tax payer funds on whatever they feel like spending them on.

So what they really mean when they say they want to defund planned parenthood, is that they don’t want them providing any medical services to low income people. Defunding them will not suddenly stop them from providing abortions. In fact, government funds can not be used for abortions and it has been against the law to do so since the passage of the Hyde amendment in 1976.

If they are successful in defunding planned parent hood. No one with a medical card will be able to use them for birth control, breast exams, gynecological check ups, pregnancy tests, prenatal care or any other perfectly normal medical services.

Personally I would hate to see woman have less choice about where they can receive health care.

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