Kenzie Said…

I just wanted to give some appreciation to everybody who supports my music and everything I’m doing with it, to be honest I felt like giving up at times but I kept going and I became re motivated because of the kind words a lot of you have said to me and kept telling me that I should never stop, Now I’m able to throw my very own events like SYNTHETIC SOUND PRESENTS: PAJAMA JAM and also able to do a charity event for a cause that personally means the world to me Which is OUT OF THE DARK INTO THE BASS : Depression/Anxiety charity event, SO thank you all again so much for everything you have done for me, it genuinely makes me feel good that I have so many people by my side, I want to be able to give as many Good Vibes as possible and also create beautiful memories with all of you, So thanks again and really I can’t wait to see what comes next!!!!
– Tekknatron

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