Kenzie Said…

Alright so im going to rant a little so you are warned…

Look I don’t talk to a lot of people on a personal level, iv always kept to my self and really never opened up to people growing up, that being said there have been a couple of people i have been able to show my true self to but honestly it feels like my “true self” is not enough. It makes me feel like I should have just stayed doing my own thing and not reach out so i don’t get hurt because I try and reach out and make plans and I always get the cold shoulder or they just make plans with someone else, this should not bother me because as i said before I’m pretty used to hanging by my self but when you put effort into people that mean a lot and they don’t reciprocate the same effort then it begins to hurt, I try so hard for the few people I care about but it honestly feel taken advantage of at some points i just wanna experience life with someone and just make memories mot sit alone in my room surrounded by my own anxieties, hints the reason I’m always looking for someone to text cause im sick of this empty feeling..

Rant over

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