A Conversation that happened in the shoutcast forums between myself and a few others. But before I damper the effect of the story with my own opinions read for yourself:

New Webcasters Association Website For DJ’s & Station Owners
As An Internet Radio DeeJay Myself I Soon Found That Finding Resources And Information That I Needed On The Web All In One Place Were Hard To Come By. So I decided To Make A Place Were We Could Congregate And Exchange Ideas, Information, Downloads, Airplay Plugs..etc…etc..etc.

I Also Noticed That There were scattered little groups all about the place of Webcasters & DJ’s Working Hard To Fight The Good Fight Against The Corporate Take-Over Of The Music We All Love So Much. So In The Hopes Of Presenting A United Front To The Money Takers Of Our Time, I Present You With What I Believe To Be The First Attempt At Uniting Us In The Step Towards A More Liberated World of Our Generation


Major Dude

am I the only one that got a headache after reading one sentence and had to stop?


Not saying a word.

Except for thats a lot of unformatted text, and how long did it take to capitalize every word?


You know I’m just trying to do something nice, because I love music. I was hoping I wasn’t the only one who did. Sorry about the caps its A habit.

sounds like a cheap copy of the winamp forums to me

And no I Aim For This To Be More Then Forums. I am Hoping To Find A Crossroads Between Links To All The Diffrent Broadcasting Tools(Not Just One Companys). I Also Would Like To Provide User Submitted Downloads. And The Forums Are Open To Bands (Whom btw have been looking for more stationsshows to be aired on). As Well as Pushing the idea of switching Plugs between the different shows and stations. So Yes you could say my idea was inspired by winamp if you like, but to be honest with you it more inspired by the work relationships I have with the stations that broadcast my show and the shows that I do swap airtime with.
I Am Hoping to get away for the heavy moderations of these forums(Not That Winamps Forums Are A Bad Thing). Its Just that They Mainly Focus on These Products. So now maybe you can understand where I’m going with this. To finish my post former post. is a place were station owners, djs, and bands can gather.

All I Have to say is F**K OFF YOU GOD D**N MOTHER F***ERS !!!

see what happens when you try to do something nice!

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