For Gram

Hey Big Brother Here’s something I wrote when I lost my grandfather I hope it makes you Feel at least a little Better with Everything thats going on Right Now I’m sure it’s not easy.

I went and saw you today, and I was not sure what to say. I felt so hurt but the quietness of your life held my words at bay.

I cried as we all did, and said a silent prayer that the gods would take your pain. But then I realized they had everything to gain.

They’ll have your smile and the jokes that you tell, the stories and the memories that only you know so well.

The kindness in your heart we always new was there in the little things you said and did just to show you cared.

My heart aches from knowing we will miss you but then I guess the reasons the gods have for wanting you are just as good as ours, and in the end we know your better off.

The gods are who made you, so now they can enjoy what we Have had for so many years.

Angela Stover

Luv ya Gram Mark and I are here if you need us.

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