Just Married!

Well Let me tell you of My wedding day. We got up this morning about 8:00 and went about like mad trying to get things done before we were finally ready to leave. We were both a nervous wreck! We got a phone call from the family friend who was supposed take the pictures and he said he would meet us at the courthouse. Finally we leave to the courthouse. We get there and wait for the judge, But we’re also still waiting for the friend. Finally they come out and call us into the Judges office. And its Me, Mark, His Mother and Father. They have us sign our proper papers then we go into his chambers and the 2 Minute ceremony takes place, the whole time I’m shaking like a Leaf…..but it was awesome. Well after all is said and done we walk outside and guess who we run into……hmmmmmm….The family friend Adam with his cameras….lol…we found out it wasn’t his fault though he ran into some unexpected road construction along the way. But it turned out alright anyway When all is said and done next to the 3 days I met my 3 children on this was one of the happiest days of my life.

We got some neat gifts but the best has to be what we got from his parents. You see when we first moved up here we were pretty much broke and his parents helped up by getting us an apartment and paying the rent until we got on our feet. Well part of their gift was that they erased our debt to them. Then they actually signed over the title of the car they have been letting us use, Plus they gave us $150.00 and took us to dinner. I cried…. 🙂 .

Well as soon as we get pictures I will hook everyone up with a look and…We have Digital Video so I’ll hook you up with that to.

Sooo I’m off to spend my night with my new dear husband I’ll let you guys know about how the honeymoon goes byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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