Left to go get something to eat yesterday and I started to take a step down the stairs (we have a second floor Apartment) and wham My knee goes out from under me! Good thing for the rails or I would have never caught myself. I can just see me tumbling down the stairs. I have horrible knees I tore them up in high school playing volleyball. Well anyway so alllllllll my weight lands right on my knee. (OUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!) So now I’m hobbling all over the place cuz I knocked my knee plate out of socket and had to put it back……..Damn knees. Soo anyway tonight we left to go to the grocery and after I hobbled my way down the steps I noticed how beautifully foggy it is. I love fog. We went for a drive in it. And it’s so thick you can’t even see the tail lights of the car in front of you. I like it. And Now here I sit doing nothing I’m rather board at the moment. I’m thinking of Playing Sims but then it’s just one of those times when nothing sounds fun……who knows. I’m going to quit rambling now and jump off of here….byeeeeeeee.

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