The Dallemagnes → December, 2006

Dangerous Dreams

The past it haunts me like a dangerous dream, following me until I rip at the seams. Blood drips and I see that’s it mine, slowly and more slowly I die inside. Like a shadow you whisper it in my ear but like a demon you pretend it’s not real. I only know to what I feel, not understanding when your love went dead. I only meant to make you see that what was before you was only me
She cannot be what she is not; she cannot see her own faults. These daggers you throw and yet I persist in catching them with my heart. My life you took and now you see what you’ve done and only face the shadows of what cannot be undone. Wandering and wandering down the path I go, I will journey far away, for far from you is the only safe place to go.


A lonely tear drop shed for words she cannot say. A whisper that missed it’s mark floating into the past. Unheard the words that can’t be said the thought’s that won’t be shed.

Tree’s make shadows on the roads she walks, a road less trod will be her way, and though they may not see she will be just she. Lonely though it may be she will find her way for if not to be heard it was said on that day.