Leaky Ceiling

So I woke up last night to the sound of "drip drip drip" When I finally rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and came to enough to realize that the sound wasn’t coming from my computer and the soundscapes channel I let play as I went to sleep. I discovered that a nice bubble had formed on my ceiling and water was dripping onto my garbage can. I jumped up and grabbed an empty dishpan I had under my kitchen sink and put that under it. Then I had to call security to get the emergency maintenance pager number. I was thinking it was something gone wrong with the empty apartment above but as it turns out it’s not. Apparently a few buildings have had this issue, it’s water in the walls. The guy busted the bubble on the ceiling and put a bigger bucket underneath it. Then he said there wasn’t really much he could do about it tonight and that he would have to come back in the the morning. For a while it was dripping pretty heavily but it’s died down a bunch since, I sure hope they can fix it without much trouble.


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