Been a while

So it’s been a while since I wrote anything, mostly because I’ve just not been feeling to hot. I’ve been going to the Chiropractor for my back and also been seeing a regular doctor trying to figure out what’s going on with me. Come to find out the thyroid medicine I’ve been on has been working to much it now has my thyroid too low. So she told me to stop taking it until I get in to see the endocrinologist and we can figure out something better to do about my thyroid. I also discovered that I have gall stones but that’s neither here nor there as they aren’t giving me any symptoms so we don’t have to worry about them right now. However I’m hoping it was the thyroid medicine which was causing me to feel this muscle weakness all over my body, and maybe now that will change. It’s made it difficult to say the least to perform even regular tasks like typing. Even now my arm’s feel exhausted from typing this little bit.

Kenzie is doing well as a matter of fact he’s lost even more weight and is now down to 182 we’re very proud of him. Wrestling season is now over and the poor guy never got to wrestle once at a meet this year either there wasn’t anybody in his weight class or he was sick. We’re now going to look into getting him into some kind of Martial arts class. He’ll be doing football next year, as well as wrestling.

I spent most of the last few days reformatting my new system and getting rid of the extra crap they always feel the need to install on new computers. This one came with a bunch of free trial stuff like gateway games, Norton anti-virus, Microsoft office student, and a bunch of other crap I didn’t need, like Google desktop and such. So I reformatted it wiped it down to bare bones, ran all my windows updates all the way through Service pack one, and now I finally have it set up the way I want it. I have noticed a difference in boot time now with service pack on it and file copying and such seems much faster. So Microsoft did indeed fix some of the speed issues with the service pack. I did order another gig of ram from that I’m waiting for in the mail, that will give me a total of 3 gigs. I figure for $20.00 bucks why shouldn’t I get another gig. Well I’m off….

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