A New Doctor For Me

I’ll start off by saying I’ve been battling my back for about a year now, it currently has me to the point of Not being able to hardly walk. I was seeing a Doctor but things seemed to not be progressing. She had me go to a physical therapist, and he said “Well I don’t know about making you pain free but I can help you stand up straight” I’m thinking Dude I’m not standing up straight because of the pain. It’s not that I’m Bending over and that’s causing the pain! So I decided to find a new doctor. Yesterday I went to my first appointment with him and I already feel like things are moving along a lot faster, as today I have an appointment for an MRI. The doctor also prescribed me some Steroids to help with any swelling which might be causing the pain, and some other pain medicine just to help me get a full nights sleep. Let’s just hope the MRI shows us some reason for the back pain, so we know what to do next.

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