So I Had a Really Bad Day…

First the bank is retarded….

On the 21’st I logged on to my bank account only to discover that we mis-calculated about an automatic payment, and were overdrawn. So My husband, went down to the bank and deposited $100.00, he verified with the teller that this amount covered both the charge and the overdraft fee. The teller told him it did and in fact the deposit put the account $44.00 To the positive.

Well the next day I log on the account only be horrified to find that we had two more Overdraft charges. So My Husband (whose very very good at not taking crap from people) gets on the phone to the branch and tries to figure out what happened. The lady he’s speaking with tells him that there we’re two charges which went through One for Xbox Live $7.99 (the overdraft fee was $32.00) and another from Taco Bell For $6.93 (The Fee was $37.00), He said yes but how did I get charged overdraft fee’s for these items when I had money in the account to cover it? This girl didn’t know so she asked him to hold while she got the manager. A Few minutes later she comes back on and takes our number and says the manager is in a meeting she’ll call you back. So he gives her the phone number and we wait 45 minutes still no phone call, so My husband calls back. Finally he gets the Manager on the phone.

The Manager Says the charges where on the account the day he made the deposit, and teller could see this and would have told him this, and then she

informs him there are two more charges coming through that we’ll be charged fees for as well. He said Well the teller never informed me of that I have her name right here and she only told me that I the $100.00 I deposited covered the charges, and that I was $44.00 to the positive. She said “So we should pay for your mistake?” He said “Your Damn Right, when your teller is telling me one thing but the truth is something else”. She said “Sir there is no need to cuss if you continue to talk to me like this Then this conversation is over”. He said “I didn’t cuss at you besides Lady you have heard cussing yet”. She said well I can reverse one of the charges but not both. This went on a few more minutes with her using every excuse in the book and trying to blame him for their mistake. Then she said “We give courtesy calls to let you know your account is going over” he said “really because We never got one, the only reason we found out was because my wife logged on to the website”. Well then she basically called him a liar. This was the last straw, he hung up on her.

I got a 1-800 Number from the website and we proceeded to call them. My husband explained the situation to the lady on the other end who in turn put her supervisor on the phone because she didn’t have the authority to make reversals. The supervisor, refunded both overdraft fees and informed my husband that after doing so it only put our account at $10.00. So he said “So If I go put $90.00 in the account right now that will cover the pending charges as well and we’ll be good no more fees?” twice he asked her this and twice she said yes. So my husband went and made the deposit and that covered us finally our account was in good standing again.

The bank we use is Key Bank, and that was the worst customer service I had ever had. I mean it’s not like we were disputing the original charge we new we screwed up and we’re trying to fix it but that manager made us feel like we we’re criminals. This was our first overdraft charge since opening that account, we had been in good standing since the beginning prior to this incident, wouldn’t you want to keep a customer like that? Apparently this lady didn’t care.

Well that was just the beginning of my bad day….

Guild Wars which Mark & I play all the time, is celebrating it’s 4 year anniversary, as part of the celebration, they are giving a free storage pane to all players. Well the way you have to get the storage is to log on to the NCsoft website and enter a coupon code for it. Well I can’t remember my password but the website is soo overloaded with traffic I can’t use the forgot password feature because it keeps telling me the security image has expired by the time the page loads. So I’ve written them asking for help getting my account info hopefully I’ll here back before the promotion ends on the 31st.

Next up Being dissed on your own website…

A Website I run has been experiencing some issues and needs severely upgraded. From the old version of joomla to the new version. The problem is I can’t upgrade it without risking some form of data loss. To that end I have been completely honest with the websites members, actually I’ve always been honest with them. Well because of these issues I opened a ning community for them to use while I figure things out. It was supposed to be a gradual transition, from one website to the other. While I worked up an alternative to our website in the background. Today I discovered that some of the members had decided to start up and new forum, than began copying and pasting threads from one place to the other leaving links in my websites forum to the new forum.

I don’t mind them wanting to create their own forums It doesn’t bother me in the least what bothers me is that the way it was went about left me feeling like it was sort of an “Screw You and Your Stuff Move” If they didn’t like the alternative ning setup they could have let me know I would have worked with them on making things better. I’m not a communist dictator at my websites I like a community effort. But this all had the feeling of well being completely shirked. I don’t know maybe I’m being whiny, but I guess I just thought I had a better relationship with these people then I do.

In the end it left me feeling glad to to have The UN I love the feeling this community has going for it. It feels more like a community than any other project I’ve worked on. So thanks guys for helping make The UN feel so great.

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