A Naturopathic Doctor For Me

Not feeling satisfied with my current line of treatment from my doctor, I have spent countless hours of reading and research about My Graves disease. I have been very unsatisfied with my current line of treatment, and my endocrinologists insistence that the only way to fix my thyroid dysfunction was to have radioactive iodine treatment. This particular line of treatment would basically kill my thyroid, leaving me on medication for the rest of my life and instead of being hyperthyroid I would then be hypothyroid, with no chance of remission. As it stands right now most modern medical doctors insist on only treating one symptom of Graves disease(read thyroid), instead of treating the disease itself.

After all the research and reading I’ve come to the conclusion that something in my own lifestyle has caused this graves disease. I wasn’t taught the healthiest of eating & lifestyle habits growing up and I’m sure that it’s a combination of a few bad habits I’ve acquired over the years (smoking, terrible mountain dew addiction, high salt diet..to name a few).

So I decided to look into alternative treatments to my disease. I found a nearby Naturopathic doctor, who is covered under my current insurance, and treats thyroid disease & dysfunction. I called them up and made an appointment for the 5th of June, also I decided to take myself off my current dosage of Methimazole(Thyroid Medication), while continuing to take my Metoprolol(Heart Medication). In the meantime I have cut salt out at the table. I still cook with it, but I don’t add anything extra. Also I’ve begun eating better and have switched from drinking loads of Mountain Dew to drinking more juices and more water.

Well It’s been four days since I’ve taken any Methimazole and so far I feel fine . Please note That I made this decision after doing much reading and research on graves disease., and this approach is a personal decision I have made for me though it may not be right for everyone, as everyone’s body reacts differently to different situations. I’ll keep updated on how I’m feeling and post back regularly.

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