The Dallemagnes → May, 2009

Online High School For My Son

Currently My son is in 8th grade. When we first moved to our current home, we had 2 choices on the middle school we could send him too. One which is in our district and a second which is outside of our district. We choose the out of district school, due to it basically being a better school. They provide school bus transportation and all has been well for the past 2 years.

Next year he’ll be in high school, and due too limited space we we’re unable to get him into the high school of the same district. So I began looking for alternatives, as the district we live in (well just happen to fall just shy of the wrong side of the district border), isn’t the greatest school. What I discovered was the Insight School of Washington. It’s online public high school, and there is no tuition for us to pay. They also provide each student with a laptop and printer. The school has a HUGE course catalogue, and allow my husband and I to be very involved in his education, something I really like. He’ll have a learning team which consists of His teachers, counselor and an imentor. An imentor is a person that both parents and student can go to with questions, suggestions and basically works with the entire family. He will attend classroom sessions online but he’ll also have other assignments which he’ll do on his own time. The school set’s up field trips and gatherings for the students and they also have student clubs, as well as dances (so yes there is a prom), and a graduation ceremony. Students are still eligible for extra-curricular activities in the home school district, so my boy can still do football and wrestling.

I think the biggest question most people have about an online school is “what about the social aspect of going to school??” well in my opinion, traditional school is great for younger children. Younger children definitely need to experience the kind of environment that traditional school provides socially. My Son has plenty of friends with whom he already doesn’t go to the same school with. Some he met here in our apartment complex, others he’s met in places like the mall, or skating rink(a favorite Friday night hangout). I believe at this point in his life it would be a good time to begin focusing on teaching him some self-reliance and self-motivating skills. He is 15, and next year he’ll be old enough to get a job, I’m sure he’ll make more friends that way as well. But as I said there are plenty of ways for him to be social with his schoolmates they provide Lot’s of opportunity for student interaction.

He’s very excited about attending his new high school, heck I’m excited for him. I wish they would have had this kind of program when I was in school, chances are if they had I would have graduated.

If anyone is interested you can see an overview of how the classes work, by going HERE

Day Dreams

A raging darkness creeping up on me, Pushing back I can barely fight, grasping upwards pulling at the light. The movement I can feel, is it my imagination or is it just not real. Take away this anger make it a small part me, take away the pain I feel let me not be blinded by what it is.
The deafening sound of silence blasting in at me, unable to express the pain that bleeds forth. I want to feel the grass between my toes the sunshine on my face, and feel the warmth of your laughter in it’s grace.
Dancing in the grove the light’s sparkle shimmering from the sky. The stars in the sky the moon in it’s wonder lends a certain solace to the night air. This is where my happiness in all it’s wonder lies. Does this place exist or is it something that only is a fleeting image in my mind.
I want to dance in the moonlight to feel the innocence that it is. Why can’t that simplicity be mine?

Graves Rage

One the hardest things about graves disease is the emotional aspect of it. It’s hard not only on me but on my family as well who have to be asked to deal with mood swings, a quick temper, and tears. Since coming off my meds I’ve been suffering with bouts of anxiety & rage (also known as graves rage). I try very very hard not direct this at my family members but it can be difficult as sometimes the smallest things seem to set me off. Bless them for trying so hard. It can sometimes be very hard to calm down but I do find that frankincense tends to help. But I’m also open to suggestions if anyone has any ideas On how to help with my anxiety and mood swings.

A Naturopathic Doctor For Me

Not feeling satisfied with my current line of treatment from my doctor, I have spent countless hours of reading and research about My Graves disease. I have been very unsatisfied with my current line of treatment, and my endocrinologists insistence that the only way to fix my thyroid dysfunction was to have radioactive iodine treatment. This particular line of treatment would basically kill my thyroid, leaving me on medication for the rest of my life and instead of being hyperthyroid I would then be hypothyroid, with no chance of remission. As it stands right now most modern medical doctors insist on only treating one symptom of Graves disease(read thyroid), instead of treating the disease itself.

After all the research and reading I’ve come to the conclusion that something in my own lifestyle has caused this graves disease. I wasn’t taught the healthiest of eating & lifestyle habits growing up and I’m sure that it’s a combination of a few bad habits I’ve acquired over the years (smoking, terrible mountain dew addiction, high salt name a few).

So I decided to look into alternative treatments to my disease. I found a nearby Naturopathic doctor, who is covered under my current insurance, and treats thyroid disease & dysfunction. I called them up and made an appointment for the 5th of June, also I decided to take myself off my current dosage of Methimazole(Thyroid Medication), while continuing to take my Metoprolol(Heart Medication). In the meantime I have cut salt out at the table. I still cook with it, but I don’t add anything extra. Also I’ve begun eating better and have switched from drinking loads of Mountain Dew to drinking more juices and more water.

Well It’s been four days since I’ve taken any Methimazole and so far I feel fine . Please note That I made this decision after doing much reading and research on graves disease., and this approach is a personal decision I have made for me though it may not be right for everyone, as everyone’s body reacts differently to different situations. I’ll keep updated on how I’m feeling and post back regularly.

Face Palm Moments

Have you ever had one of those? Where just wanna smack yourself upside the head? Well tonight was mine. I went to bed, then I woke up because my foot & back were hurting me and then I couldn’t get back to sleep. So I decided to get up and mess around the computer for a bit. I get in here and scuba diving in Phuket I have no sound?!?!?!? So I turned to google, and tried a few different fixes I found, but nothing seemed to work. I still had no sound. Finally after about a few hours I decided to just download a copy of 9.04 and try a fresh install, I already had everything backed up from the upgrade. So I slip the disc in and go through the normal routine. But when the computer starts I still have no sound! At this point I’m completely stumped. So then I finally decide to re-install 8.10 I get the disc out, drop it in the computer and go through the whole routine once again. The computer reboots, and scuba diving in Phuket now I have no sound on Intrepid either?!?!?! I sat here for a few moments, completely stumped not sure what to do. Well at this point I dropped a pen on the floor and as I bend over to pick it up I notice (drumroll please) that the headphones are plugged into the headphone jack scuba diving in Galapagos Islands roflmao…. seems my son had borrowed them and when he brought them back to my computer instead of pluggin the microphone into the microphone jack he plugged the head phones in to the head phone jack love smileys. I didn’t know whether to strangle him, or smack myself in the head. So at this point with a vanilla 8.10 on the computer I said what the hell and just decided to install 9.04 nothing to lose at this point.

So that’s my Falce Palm Moment of the Day…

Well the Upgrade is complete

Well The upgrade seems to have went fine, I’m really digging the new notifications, they are so much nicer looking than the old ones…I guess I tell the hubby to back up his stuff and try to upgrade his system as well. Response times are nice.

I did have to upgrade my xfire plugin for pidgin it was causing pidgin to crash, as well as re-installing banshee which the upgrade saw fit to remove. Everything else seems peachy scuba diving in Fiji

Guess this means I’ll have to re-gimp my forum signature…scuba diving in Fiji

Upgrade Attempt

Can’t wait for the disc any longer (I know I’m so impatient) so I’m attempting an upgrade, files are downloading as I type. I already did my backups, and I have a separate /home so I figure if any goes sour I can always re-install 8.10.

Wish me luck! I’ll let you know how it goes….

Doctors, Doctors, Doctors….

So one Painful MRI, and several Doctors visits later, I Now I know exactly what I already assumed the issue with my back to be. Money in the pockets of the doctors all so they can tell me what I already Knew(insert frustrated sigh here).

Well for those who don’t know I suffer with grave’s disease, it’s an auto immune disorder, which I’ve been fighting for a couple of years now, This particular disorder runs in my family my mother has it, and my grandmother had it as well. I have had it for a little over a year and didn’t know it because we had no insurance, so I My condition rapidly deteriorated due to lack of treatment. As of right now I can’t walk very well due to pain in my back, caused by a combination of severe muscle deterioration and The weight which I too rapidly gained once they began treating my condition. The Orthopedic doctor told me today I have what’s called Lumbar strain, and swelling in and around my lower spine. So Thursday I’m to go in and get epidural steroid shots then I’m to start Physical therapy.

I don’t intend on being overweight forever, and before this disease I wasn’t. I’m far too young at 33 to feel like this and damn it I want to be able to run and walk again. So I’ve set up some goals for myself

  1. Quit Smoking (This is the hardest to be sure because to be honest I don’t want to quit I really enjoy smoking but I know I need to quit so I’m going to)
  2. Start & Continue with Physical Therapy
  3. A complete re-hash of my diet, learning to eat better is just a good idea all the way around

Not many goals at the moment but that’s ok you have to start small in my opinion.