Windows Bit Me!

So I have a pretty nice Computer I love it, it’s a Gateway GM5478, the one problem I have had with this powerful system is apparently something a lot of people have had. A while after purchase the system will randomly kick the fan on really loud then reboot. At first it only did it once or twice, then yesterday it begun to do it like clockwork, every hour on the hour.

After much frustration and reading I discovered that the only way to fix this issue was to flash my BIOS. Ok fine no problem I can do that, but I have a problem. The program to flash the BIOS is a windows program and I have linux installed. Well I could have went the round about way of trying to dualboot windows after I already had Ubuntu installed, but that seems more of pain then just reinstalling windows.

I keep backups of all my goodies, so backing up the changed files wasn’t a problem. I spent two hours re-installing windows just so I could update the BIOS and then wipe it out and re-install Ubuntu. What I pain in the ass! But on the bright side, my system no longer reboots.

Damn Windows, bit me again!!!

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