How to install 3rd party user scripts & extensions in google chrome

Chrome recently implemented a change removing the ability to install scripts & extensions from 3rd party websites. You can easily work around this to install the ice quick stream script and other user scripts & extensions from 3rd party locations by doing the following.

  • Find the google chrome icon on your desktop
  • Right click on the icon and then select properties
  • In the dialog that opens you’ll see a box labeled target
  • The target box contains something similar to the following line
    C:\username\App Data\Local\Google Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
  • at the end of the line add a space then paste the following:
  • your end result should look like this:
    C:\username\App Data\Local\Google Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --enable-easy-off-store-extension-install
  • Click apply and then click OK
  • close chrome completely by clicking the wrench and clicking exit and then relaunch it using the shortcut you just modified. You should now be able to install user scripts & extensions from any website once again.

I hope this helps.

p.s. this also works on linux launchers.

My New computer is all finished!

So I finally managed to get my new computer all built and put together. The only problem I have is my front audio ports don’t seem to work. I know I have them plugged in correctly, but after searching google it appears this seems to be a common issue with this case. Luckily I have a razer lycosa keyboard so I just use the audio ports on it instead. Seems to work fine.

Building a New Gaming PC

So with Guild Wars 2 coming out and my current computer being about 4 years old and not really on the high end The hubby & I decided it was time for me to have a new one.

Humble Bundle

Today I purchased the humble bundle and I’m very glad I did. The humble bundle is a collections of cross platform(meanin they support windows, mac, and linux) collection of games. You decided what you want to pay then you can even decide how what you paid gets diveyed out, such as how much to developers and how much to charity. They are pretty neat games as well. If you get a chance I suggest checking out the bundle.

Windows Bit Me!

So I have a pretty nice Computer I love it, it’s a Gateway GM5478, the one problem I have had with this powerful system is apparently something a lot of people have had. A while after purchase the system will randomly kick the fan on really loud then reboot. At first it only did it once or twice, then yesterday it begun to do it like clockwork, every hour on the hour.

After much frustration and reading I discovered that the only way to fix this issue was to flash my BIOS. Ok fine no problem I can do that, but I have a problem. The program to flash the BIOS is a windows program and I have linux installed. Well I could have went the round about way of trying to dualboot windows after I already had Ubuntu installed, but that seems more of pain then just reinstalling windows.

I keep backups of all my goodies, so backing up the changed files wasn’t a problem. I spent two hours re-installing windows just so I could update the BIOS and then wipe it out and re-install Ubuntu. What I pain in the ass! But on the bright side, my system no longer reboots.

Damn Windows, bit me again!!!

Wiped Out Windows

Well My Windows Partition Went corrupt on me, and I had neither the patience nor the want to try and fix it, so Instead I backed all my goodies up and then wiped the computer and clean and installed Ubuntu only. So now my computer is Windows Free!

I’m still trying to figure out why my microphone won’t work, I’ve tried everything, not even the helpful people at the Ubuntu Forums could figure it out. I’m holding out though hoping that the next release Intrepid Ibex will do the trick.