History in the making

Last night, like many others I watched as thousands of people in New York protested. The live stream provided by TheOther99 was absolutly instense and the commentator Tim was amazing. He does a wonderful job at bringing the facts to the table without opinion.

No matter which side of the table you stand on with the politcal issues just seeing these protests is an amazing thing, because you are witnessing history in the making. Thirty years from now people will be watching the footage of these events with the same awe and wonder in which I have watched old newscasts of the vietnam protests in the sixties. I’m still not sure what change is going to come from all these events, but I am positive that change is coming. Event’s like these don’t happen without it.

Having dialoge with other people seems to be the main thing going on right now, and there are oh so many ways to do that in this day an age. We have email, twitter, facebook, chatrooms, text messages, video streams and then go old fashioned face to face conversations. I’m glad to see it happening, and am very glad to be a witness to it all….

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