The Dallemagnes → January, 2013

Visons of Atlantis – Lost

Sonata Arctica – I want out

Congressman McGovern introduces constitutional amendments to overturn Citizens United

MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech is copyrighted. Share it anyway.

If you’ve never heard the whole thing, you should give it a listen..

Limbaugh: Women Who Seek Abortions Should be Shot

This guy (Rush) truly sickens me.

Hamster VTEC Miss-Shift

lol this is too funny 😀

Leaked Steubenville Big Red Rape Video

This is disgusting, this kid is just laughing and joking about this poor girl being raped, in Steubenville Ohio (apparently he & some of the others were a witness to it and did nothing) and even when his friend tries to tell him it’s wrong (around 6:33)