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Original Post from Adelheid Adelliam:

#MontanaWolves #wolfmanagement  
Yo Wolves!
See what the state of Montana uses as reason for #wolfslaughter ? Shouldn't the ranchers be protecting their #livestock with fences, flandry, non lethal predator control ? Isn't that their JOB???

Here, even I can find non lethal predator control, through a simple Google search. > http://www.ehow.com/info_8730681_ways-prevent-wolves-killing-livestock.html

• A total of 108 wolves were removed through agency control efforts 
in 2012 to prevent further livestock loss and by private citizens 
who caught wolves chasing or attacking livestock, up from 64 in 2011.

Please, please leave a comment to the feds at #USFWS . The states are going to just keep using #lethalwolfmanagement  ,
Montana #wolfhunt news is from: http://exposingthebiggame.wordpress.com/2013/09/12/wolf-hunt-montanas-longer-season-starts-sunday-with-bag-limit-now-at-five/
Thank you +Olaf Janssen 

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