On November 20, 2013 at 08:32AM Angel Said…

So I woke up this morning just as the movie The Stand was coming on. spoiler alert Now I’ve seen this movie a bunch of times over the years only this morning I had a moment of clarity about it.

In the movie all the actors with bigger parts to play die after being sick and they are all sick for about week. This means the opening sequence of the movie really doesn’t make any sense. The Camera pans around showing all these people some are piled up dead like they were trying to get out the door, and some of them look like they were doing work before they just fell over and croaked without warning.

That is in no way consistent with the rest of the movie which leads you to believe that you first feel like you have the flu for a week before you die. I mean if that’s the case why are all these folks piled up like they just died quickly and unexpectedly?

Also, it’s odd how I never thought of this before now when the movie came out in 1994 and I’ve seen it a bunch of times since it came out……..

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